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Old Friends and Relations

Monday, January 8, 2017
Winter Silversmith completed his meeting in Saskatoon, Sask. He rented an SUV/crossover and drove over to Nowhere, Sask. He arrived at 4:55pm just before sunset.
As Winter walked towards the Prairie Moon Café a trucker flashed an I know I'm charming grin at a woman walking by and tried to engage in conversation with her.
“Hello Miss. I've got a canine friend back home too. Is he friendly?”
He extended the charming smile to the Winter and then it faltered as his attempt with the woman simply tanked.
The café was full of locals from the area and the quaint rural lives of Nowhere, Saskatchewan blossomed like colourful fauna in each corner and at each table. There was a table of women friends on one side, a farmer couple and their friend adjacent, a man with a ponytail sitting at the counter being served and a cook at the grill being highly efficient. The din of conversation cut with the scent of coffee and fried food in the retro rustic décor created tha…

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